About Us

Abington Dermatology is the premier clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis and other severe skin disorders! We are proud to serve the community with exceptional care for each patient who suffers from the frustration and embarrassment of psoriasis. We operate a state-of-the-art skin care and treatment facility that is visited by individuals both locally and nationally! Our skilled physicians and clinical staff are highly-trained in diagnosis, treatment, and education for psoriasis and many other skin disorders and diseases, and we have brought hope to many patients just like you. Our staff is passionate about providing optimal, comprehensive care that is individualized and effective. Put simply – we strive to provide the best treatment possible! While we do provide services for a variety of skin conditions and diseases, our main focus is on research, diagnosis, and cutting-edge treatment for all types of psoriasis. We have been in operation for over 20 years, as the leaders in research and development of new psoriasis treatments, and it is our hope that we will one day find a cure for this debilitating skin condition.

Our clinical staff understands how difficult it can be to lead a normal life when psoriasis outbreaks strike. Your entire life becomes consumed with an itchy, painful rash that is mentally, emotionally, and physically frustrating. It can affect all aspects of a person’s life, from work to social life. At Abington Dermatology, we want to help you find effective treatment for your psoriasis, so you can get back to doing the things you love. We’ll help you take back your life through skin therapy, counseling, and education, so you can enjoy healthy skin and a new lease on life! You will find our clinical staff compassionate, friendly, and determined to help you find solutions. The collective knowledge of our physicians, combined with over 20 years of psoriasis research and treatment, is all at work for you at Abington Dermatology. Here, you can expect nothing short of superior patient care and comprehensive treatment for severe skin conditions.

We accept most major insurance plans, as well as Medicare. We also offer payment plans and financial assistance to those who qualify. If you have questions or concerns about payment or insurance, please feel free to call our clinic and speak with or finance department. Our physicians will be happy to work with you to create a treatment plan that works for you financially. All of our services will be explained fully before any treatment occurs, so you will be fully aware of any expenses involved, including what your insurance may or may not cover. We feel you have had to deal with enough with the pain and frustration of psoriasis and our goal is to help make your life better. That includes making sure all treatment you receive at our clinic is within your financial budget. If you have questions at any time regarding your payment plan, insurance, or treatment, please don’t hesitate to speak with us about it. We are happy to work with you! That’s what makes Abington Dermatology the clinic you can count on when it comes to your skin care needs.


“I tried everything imaginable for my psoriasis and nothing worked long-term. Finally, my doctor recommended I seek the help of a specialist, and that’s when I found Abington Dermatology. This place has been a LIFE SAVER to me! My psoriasis is under control and I am always treated like a person, not a patient. If you’re struggling with psoriasis or some other skin disorder, call Abington Dermatology! They can help! ” — Sandra W

“Before Abington Dermatology, I was depressed, shy, and barely ever wanted to leave my house. I was embarrassed by my skin condition and worried that I would never find a way to make it disappear. Abington Dermatology has changed all of that! I am now confident, outgoing, and, best of all, my skin looks great! Thank you Abington Dermatology!” — Kevin M